4 Tips To Maintaining Your Sanity If Your Wedding Is Rescheduled

April 25, 2020

How To Stay Calm Amidst Your Cancelled Wedding: 4 Tips To Maintaining Your Sanity

The current coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world at a standstill. Surely, for a lot of couples scheduled to tie the knot this year, the situation feels like a nightmare turned reality. Imagine planning everything to a T to make sure that you have the perfect wedding, only to realize later on that you might not even have a wedding at all! It’s definitely a hard pill to swallow.

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Couples across the U.S. (one of the hardest-hit countries by the pandemic) and the rest of the world have expressed their disappointment, but it’s not like there is anything that can be done to entirely turn the situation for the better. Dealing with anxiety over your postponed wedding? Here are a few things that you can do that might inspire you to take meaningful action. 

1. First things, first: decide whether you really need to cancel your wedding. 

Some might argue that doing this might prolong the agony, but with how much things are fluctuating at the moment, it is also a good idea to keep all your options open as long as you think the situation permits it. For weddings scheduled within the next two months, for example, it might be the better choice to cancel, especially if you live in an area following strict lockdown or quarantine guidelines. If your schedule is bound to happen in the second half of the year, however, then you can choose to wait it out for a little bit and consider your decision month per month, depending on the progress of the situation.

2. Talk it out with your suppliers.

One of the reasons why couples find it so painful to cancel their weddings is because they have already shelled out the money for their suppliers. Make sure to open the conversation with them when considering your next step. The thing is, it’s not only couples who are hit hard by the current situation. Surely, these providers are also feeling the impact on their means of living as well, so you’ll need to clarify all the possible terms that you can explore. Can you get a refund? Is it possible if they can just render their services on another date? The good news is that a lot of these providers have been very supportive and understanding of the situation, so there is a chance that you can meet in the middle. 

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3. Share your plans with your friends and family. 

Believe it or not, sharing your worries and plans with your friends, family, and other wedding guests can take a lot out of your chest. Be transparent to them about your plans as a couple so they could also tell you earlier about their own course of action with respect to your wedding decision. Will they still be willing to drop by if you decide to move your nuptials to a later date? Of course, don’t forget to be understanding about their stand, too. You’ll have to expect that some of your guests might opt out of the gathering if you are pushing through with your plans within the year. 

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4. Consider other alternatives. 

If you really want to push through with your wedding, you always have alternatives to explore. For example, there’s the option of doing a smaller civil wedding first and just pushing through with a bigger celebration once the situation has settled down. There are even couples who have become a little bit more creative and tied the knot online, opting to stream the ceremony through video sharing with their guests. 

If you’re someone who is up to do something like this, make sure to add your own special touch to the event to make it feel more personal. For example, you can ask your “guests” to dress up for the occasion in the comfort of their homes. To tie things up nicely, you can even do your own home pictorial and turn them into photo books that you can mail to your attendees to share the celebratory feeling. MILK Books is a good option if you’re looking for the best photo books to preserve your memories because of their seamless process and top-notch products. Plus they have worldwide shipping so you don’t even need to expose yourself outside.

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Having your plans temporarily put on hold because of the pandemic is a bummer, but remember that at the end of the day, it’s not about the frills and the pomp of a grand ceremony, but your union with your partner. So assess all your choices, breathe, and trust that everything will turn out for the better soon. 

*Disclaimer: This is a guest post from Milkbooks