First Wedding at Elmore Court Since Lockdown | Micro Wedding

July 6, 2020

First Wedding at Elmore Court Since Lockdown | Getting Married in 2020

Micro Wedding | First Wedding at Elmore Court Since Lockdown (wedding images AND video)

Getting married in 2020 seemed like the best idea ever.

The year 2020, was going to be amazing – new beginnings, new goals, nothing but positivity. Nobody would have thought that in March, the world would change completely.

As a wedding photographer in Bedfordshire, who photographs all around the UK and Europe, by July I should have already shot nearly 20 weddings. Instead, I sit here today, having shot just 2.

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Wedding Photography in Gloucestershire

As a creative person, it’s so important for me to be active – it keeps my brain ticking over. Weddings especially, provide me with something that no other style of photography does, it’s like no other genre of photography. It’s fast-paced, dynamic and provides the most rewarding feeling when I’m able to deliver a lifetime of memories to couples.

When the wedding industry was turned on its head in March, it marked what was to be a catalogue of tough decisions for all wedding professionals. When the restrictions took hold, it meant cancellations, postponements and rescheduled weddings for literally thousands of people. It’s affected the wedding world like no other.

With what feels like a rather sterile affair on offer (one struggles to see any romance in the sheer amount of hand sanitiser flying around the place), there is little hope of us experiencing the traditional elements of a good, old-fashioned wedding celebration. Sure, the legalities will be in place, but what about the hugs, the singing, the dancing?

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British Weddings are amazing!

This being said, it’s most comforting to know the true British wedding ceremony style has not been totally disregarded within these brand new shiny government rules.

Last year Katherine and David got in touch via the Elmore Court preferred suppliers list and wanted to chat about their big day, due to take place this year. With a guest list of about 100 people, and delicious food and drink, and amazing entertainment planned, it was going to be epic!

Where is Elmore Court?

If you haven’t heard about Elmore Court in Gloucestershire then click here. You’ll find out why it’s one of the best wedding venues in the UK, especially if you want a real party.

Katherine and David, like a lot of my other couples, took to emailing me the terrible news that they were having to postpone their wedding to 2021. Of course, I was preparing for this news and was luckily available to still shoot their big day, but in the name of true love, what they really wanted was a blessing to celebrate what was meant to be their wedding day….and that’s exactly what they did!

After liaising with Team E and confirming with them that Katherine and David’s blessing was going to take place on their original wedding date, I offered to pop down, and capture some memories of the day for them.. With only 6 people in attendance and just a few hours at Elmore Court, I can tell you now, that it was no less stunning than any other wedding I’ve shot which has taken place over a full weekend, with hundreds of people.

Your wedding doesn’t need to be HUGE to be special

It was total proof that your wedding does not need to be a grand affair to be special. It might not have been something you’ve thought about, but why not consider having a blessing on your original wedding date to mark the occasion?

Speak to your wedding venue and see what they can do.

Prior to the day, Katherine (owner of Plume Media) mentioned she was going to bring her iPhone and film the ceremony. I loved the sentiment behind this band wondered whether I should try to do that myself as well so they can focus on the day!

Can you shoot a wedding video and the photos at the same time?

It’s not normal to do both at a wedding – in fact, it’s pretty difficult, but I still had faith that it would be better than just iPhone footage. So I did both…Photography and videography gear at the ready, I did a first for me, and captured both the stills and a little video of their mini, big day.

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In the 3 beautiful hours we had together, the amazing Leesa, Kat and Adele (of Team E) and I, all pulled together to make it a fantastic blessing, with Leesa doing an incredible job as celebrant. We even planted a tree to mark the occasion.

We all agreed that it felt so amazing to be doing our jobs again; even with the current restrictions in place, you can still have an incredible, intimate wedding day. If you don’t believe me, then take a look…(video at the end)

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