How To Shoot A Wedding | Wedding Photography Training Download

June 7, 2018

How To Shoot A Wedding | Wedding Photography Training Download

Nikon magazine got in touch to have a chat about writing the magazines main feature for their July edition, ‘how to shoot a wedding’. 

how to shoot a wedding, wedding photography training

The feature enables me to go into detail about some of the key elements when shooting a wedding either for the first time or even if you are a seasoned professional. 

Ideally you wont go in full guns blazing and shoot a wedding on your own, you should first assist a seasoned professional. This enables you to understand the ins and outs and to really get a feel of just how faced paced the day is. If you have agreed to shoot the wedding on your own for the first time then this information is even more valuable.

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Wedding Photography Information

When it comes to wedding photography training there is lots of information out there but it lacks specific detail especially on the mental approach and how to deal with people. This isn’t just a job of taking a creative photo, it’s about engaging with people to bring out the best of people. It’s a job of relationships so before you go and buy the best Nikon camera first concentrate on your people skills. 

Wedding Photographer Skills 

Of course there is the critical technical part, knowing your camera inside out. The split second camera setting decisions during variable lighting conditions. Rain, equipment failure, being in the right place at the right time. It all plays a huge part of building a wedding story in the ‘right way’. 

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What is the right way to shoot a wedding? 

It’s so important to integrate into a wedding. 9 times out 10 you won’t know anybody, it’s like walking into school for the first time. Until you’ve shot a number of weddings you may feel a little apprehensive entering a room of lively bridesmaids first thing in the morning and unless you get off to a good start it may knock your confidence for the whole day. 

Be Kind, Thoughtful, Fun, Generous and Assertive 

When you walk into the room, be and feel confident. Have a plan, tell the Bride exactly what you’ll be doing for the next 2 hours and what to expect from you. It could be asking where her dress and shoes are, re-assurance that the weather has no bearing on the day or the photographs (always a common concern). 

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How To Be A Wedding Photographer 

Your confidence will put everyone at ease, but there is a fine line of being confident and being pretentious. Just be a nice person, professional and understand that this is the most important day of their lives and you’ll work well. If you don’t get excited, can’t work with people or under pressure then unfortunately this is not the career for you. Those 3 components are essential for being wedding photographer. 

Wedding Photography Training 

Look out for my book on my approach to modern wedding photography, which includes all aspects of the wedding photography business including the importance of social media and how to get noticed in a sea of wedding photographers. Coming soon! 

You Want To Know How To Shoot A Wedding?

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