Planning A Destination Wedding In Italy

July 18, 2018

Planning A Destination Wedding In Italy

The planning of a destination wedding in Italy does sound a little daunting doesn’t it. Where do you even start? A wedding is a very complex event with many variables that can be sometimes tricky to manage, especially if you both have full time jobs.  Even trying to plan your own wedding in the UK can be a monumental task and some struggle.

Wedding venues, photographers, videographers, make-up artists, hair stylists, florists, cake makers, dress designers, caterers, wedding cars, day and evening entertainment, wedding stationary, toastmasters, DJ’s, photo booths……you get the idea. You better have a read of my guide on how to plan your own wedding.

planning a destination wedding in Italy

How To Plan Destination Wedding?

When trying to organise a beautiful destination wedding in Italy where do you even start?

Being a destination wedding photographer in Italy (based out of the UK) I’ve worked with many brides and grooms from around the world who fly to Italy for their dream wedding. They all have something in common. They are not local and have no idea who to contact, who can speak English or their native language and who is a trusted wedding supplier.

Wedding Checklist

Even the wedding checklist and my wedding tips blog can be overwhelming, I know I’ve been there 14 years ago when I got married. It wasn’t easy piecing all the teams together so they we all signing off the same hyhm sheet.

Wedding Vendor Negotiations

I had no negotiating leverage as I chose to try and plan the whole thing myself and got caught up in the moment causing us to make some mistakes along the way, even down to choosing a cheaper wedding photographer which was a huge mistake. We only have a handful if that of acceptable wedding images! Don’t skimp on wedding photography it’s what you have left after the day and all that planning has finished!

How Much Does A Wedding Photographer Cost?

Check out my guide on how much does a wedding photographer cost and what you should receive for your money. You should be spending around 10% of your wedding budget on photography, including albums and maybe wedding videography.

Maybe Hire A Wedding Planner

Looking back I would maybe have considered hiring a wedding planner if I knew what I do now. I may have even considered a destination wedding in Italy. I’ve shot many weddings in Italy and hands down its my favourite place to create truly magical wedding stories.

From pretty Roman villages to stunning stretches of coastlines, the romance of Italy makes you fall in love with this country very quickly and you then understanding why people visit from every corner of the world to host their dream wedding.

Perfect Destination Wedding Locations

Recommendations can be key in putting your dream destination wedding together. Somebody who has a trusted working relationship with venues, photographers and all key wedding suppliers in Italy is gold and takes a huge amount of stress from the planning of your wedding abroad.

Weddings In Ancona Italy

I have been working closely with the team based in Ancona, Italy, Italian Luxury Weddings headed up by Donatella. With over 25 years of experience putting together luxury weddings for clients around the world I am honoured to be the only recommended UK wedding photographer on their trusted wedding supplier list.

Luxury Italian Weddings

I am recently back from shooting one of Donatella’s weddings in Portonovo. It was just magical and the feedback she received on the day about her team of people was first class. The management of every aspect from the stunning venue (only offered to Luxury Italian Weddings as they know the family) to the flowers and catering. The team all worked tirelessly together to create a beautiful Italian wedding day.

Wedding Planner in Italy

If you are looking for a wedding planner in Italy please contact Luxury Italian Weddings.

I wish you well in your wedding planning! Don’t forget to head over to my wedding planning checklist if you decide to plan it yourself.