September 6, 2018

Interview with Wedding Photographer in Bedfordshire – Gary Nunn

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When it comes to wedding photography Gary Nunn knows a thing or two about saying ‘I do’! With more than 15 years’ experience shooting hundreds of weddings, he understands what it takes to capture the special moments of a wedding day. Here we speak exclusively to wedding photographer Gary about his background and experience, and why everyone loves a good wedding!

Did you always want to be a photographer?

Like most kids, I grew up with lots of aspirations. But, I’ve always had a creative eye and enjoyed documenting life through photography from a young age. It wasn’t until my late twenties that it all came together, when I realised that photography was the right blend of everything I’m good at. I turned to wedding photography, because I love telling stories and capturing special events, and there’s no greater occasion than a union of two people in love. I’m leaving little memory footprints around the world, forever. 

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Where did you study to be a photographer?

The greatest school of all – the school of life! I spent years learning and honing the technical side of photography by watching YouTube videos and attending online classes, as well as reading books from respected photographers. But most of my skill comes through trial and error. I spent years’ honing the art before I decided to turn professional. You’re always learning, this is the beauty of art, it evolves with you. 

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As a serial wedding crasher, how many weddings have you attended?!

Hundreds, and yet not one single wedding has been the same. That’s what makes is so enjoyable and interesting being a wedding photographer in Milton Keynes. 

What’s the one theme that you see in every wedding you’ve been to?

Although every wedding is unique in its own way, the common theme is the emotion of the day. The outpouring of love is really something very special to be a part of. Even though I have usually only met a couple once before their big day, it’s enough to get a sense of who they are, which makes their wedding day even more special to photograph.

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Do you often shoot same-sex weddings, or humanitarian weddings and are there any differences from a ‘traditional’ one?

I think I’ve probably shot every type of wedding, from religious to humanitarian, second marriages to same-sex marriages. Weddings in the UK and those abroad, churches, registry offices, beaches and private venues! I can honestly say that the unwavering love, passion and beauty of the day is the same for each.

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What wedding trends are you noticing?

As a wedding photographer, it’s my job to pay attention to all the little touches, and capture the day as it unfolds. Over the past year I’ve seen a trend towards hand-made wedding favours, which really gives it a personal touch which guests love. There’s also more emphasis on flowers too, this really helps set the scene for the big day and frames photos perfectly by adding a pop of colour.

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If a bride and groom can only afford a photographer for half a day, what photos should they focus on?

I always recommend a full day of wedding photography, so none of the special moments are missed. Wedding photography is more than just capturing the vows, it involves storytelling. It starts with the bridal party in the morning and can last until the first dance. When the wedding is over, all you have are your memories, photos and videos to look back on – so it’s important to invest in these. You need to ask yourself, what do your wedding photos mean to you, for a little bit of investment you can have long lasting beautiful memories. 

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Do you recce a venue before a wedding?

As I’ve visited so many venues, I have a good understanding of what’s involved. I can now rely on Google street view if required and venue websites to get a feel for a venue without visiting.

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 How far would you travel or have you travelled before?

Although I’m a wedding photographer from Bedfordshire, I travel to any destination. In fact, I have travelled extensively throughout Europe photographing weddings for clients. This year I have shot various weddings in Spain, Italy and France. 

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Why should someone use a wedding photographer if they’re marrying abroad?

There’s a reassurance that couples enjoy using a local wedding photographer like myself. It helps that we can meet beforehand to discuss the big day, and get a sense of their style. Plus, it helps working with a photographer who speaks English too! 

It’s more common than you might think, since there’s an abundance of cheap flights. There’s also the added perk that I’m at their disposal throughout the day, even the day before. 

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Should a couple factor in food for the photographer at their wedding?

I always leave this to the discretion of the couple. But it’s always helpful to have a break when the couples wedding breakfast starts. 

What makes a good wedding photographer?

Some think it’s technical prowess, others would say it’s the equipment used. But I think it comes down to being a people person. It’s a job of relationships first. I spend more time with the bride and groom on their wedding day than anyone else, so I have a responsibility to remain calm and help couples feel the same, which always translates in their final wedding photos. 

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In Asia, it’s popular for the bride and groom to have pre-wedding photos prior to the big day. Could you see this catching on here?!

It’s a fun idea, but I don’t think it will catch on in the UK. We’re a country steeped in tradition and ritual, so I couldn’t imagine a bride revealing her dress beforehand. But it’s customary in countries like China, and increasingly these couples are flocking to London to have their pre-wedding shoot – so you never know!

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Interviewed By Sophia @ internationalWeddingPR