How To Ace Being A Maid Of Honour Top Tips

August 21, 2018

maid of honour duties, wedding photographer Milton Keynes, top wedding photographer, bridesmaids dressesHOW TO ACE BEING A MAID OF HONOUR | Top Tips

The honour of being invited to be a bridesmaid is one of the greatest duties that can be asked of you. But, what if you’re invited to be a maid of honour? In the world of weddings, this is one of the most significant roles, instrumental in making sure the big day is filled with all the right touches.

What is a Maid of Honour? 

Also known as a ‘chief bridesmaid’, ‘matron of honour’ (if already married), or even ‘best woman’, a maid of honor performs an important role for the bride, both ahead of and on the wedding day. They are often a close friend or relative.

Maid of Honour Duties

While it’s always an honour to be invited to be part of a bridal party, it can also be taxing and exhausting. Remember that being of service to your bride is one of the greatest wedding gifts you can give her, and even when times get tough, have a smile in your back pocket.

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Start by establishing the bridal party and possibly set up a WhatsApp or Facebook group to organise everyone. Next comes the exciting part – wedding dress shopping!

maid of honour duties, wedding photographer Milton Keynes, top wedding photographer, bridesmaids dresses


Helping To Plan The Day With Her

If your bride-to-be asks for help, think about how you can plan the day for her, including transport, food and perhaps a celebratory glass of fizz. As the ‘go-to’ person for your bride, lend a sympathetic ear for wedding preparations. You may be asked for advice on everything from colour schemes to flower arrangements, and even the honeymoon.

The Hen Night

Chances are you know the bride-to-be very well already. Nonetheless, it’s important to understand what she would enjoy to wave off her single days. Speak to her and the bridesmaids to understand what’s off limits (‘L plates’ for instance) and what is ok, and also whether older relatives are invited. Once you know the vibe and the audience, it’s time to get planning! A schedule organiser like doodle is an easy way to coordinate available dates, ideally no more than three months before the big day.

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Sharing Is Caring

It may be easy to split tasks amongst the bridesmaids, not least of all, so they feel involved. Together, think of the little touches you can bring, that will make it memorable.

The Countdown!

In the weeks before the big day, you’ll need to work with the bride to put together timings for the bridesmaids. This also requires thinking about little touches to make sure it goes seamlessly – such as an emergency bridal kit and umbrellas for the unpredictable British weather!

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The day before the big day!

This is when a maid of honour comes to the fore. You might need to attend beauty appointments, a rehearsal or reception. It’s also common to sleep over the night before, the perfect excuse for a special girle night in, filled with chocolates, beauty treatments and rom-coms (maid of honour films are a must).

maid of honour duties, wedding photographer Milton Keynes, top wedding photographer, bridesmaids dresses

On the Day

So, the big day is here, and you need to be on your game! An early start will ensure you don’t miss any deliveries and everyone is present and correct. Help your bride as she prepares, starting with a hearty breakfast to see her through a long day. Traditionally, the maid of honour, bridesmaids and bride’s mum will travel to the ceremony together.

Don’t Forget To Breathe

There’s a special moment reserved for the maid of honour, which is just before she walks down the aisle for everyone to swoon. Take a moment to calm her (nerves are at an all high) and check her make-up, take a few deep breaths together before she’s on her way.

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Walking Down The Isle

Usually, the maid of honour and bridesmaids will follow the bride and you may need to hold her bouquet during the ceremony. After the vows, wedding photos and some more deep breaths, you will likely travel to the reception with the best man. Be indispensable to the bride, bringing drinks and food to her, assisting her with make-up and bathroom visits.

The Wedding Breakfast

The wedding breakfast is often a highlight and you will likely be on the top table. Some modern weddings require a maid of honour speech too and often maid of honour gifts. After the highly anticipated ‘first dance’, the second dance traditionally involves the maid of honour and best man dancing – so get those party feet ready! With the party in full swing, enjoy the night and just be on hand to ensure all the brides’ demands are met.

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The Morning After

Your duties haven’t quite come to an end. Today is the final chance to be of service to your newlyweds. If they are jetting off on honeymoon, you may need to return hired goods, or collect items on their behalf. Make sure you and the best man know what’s going on.


So, there you have it, the lowdown on the essential maid of honour duties. Don’t forget this is an exciting time in a person’s life and you can make the world of difference to the occasion. So, do everything you can with aplomb and give your friend the day she deserves!