Congratulations on your engagement!

July 24, 2017

Congratulations on your engagement!…but…..shhhhh……here some tips for Brides.

  1. Make sure you spend quality time ‘together’ enjoying your amazing news….

Before you share the news with anyone, afford yourself a few moments/hours/days when it’s just the two of you who are in the know. Christmas is a great time to disconnect from the online world – so fight your urges to Instagram your #engagementring or WhatsApp your various group messages with the news. It’s exciting to have a secret that only the two of you know….just for a moment, don’t you think? 

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  1. Tell the important people in person before you announce your news online

You don’t want close friends or relatives finding out your engagement news via a Facebook post – you’ll be fighting over posts of Christmas dinners and present opening, pick up the phone and share your news personally. Be old school!

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  1. Avoid making any social media posts just about the ring

A post purely about the sparkling bauble on your finger is not cool. As enamoured as you may be with your new bling, don’t forget the point of the engagement is taking the first steps towards marriage with the love of your life.

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  1. Be prepared

People will ask you if you’ve booked your venue or wedding photographer yet. They just will. And it doesn’t end there: as well as expecting you to have already half-planned the wedding in 24 hours, people will also have other questions: where’s the honeymoon going to be?

Hence why point one is important!…take your time and be prepared.

  1. Start the planning!

Slowly, that is. The Christmas holidays aren’t the time to go rushing out and booking the first venue you encounter or snapping up that bargain wedding dress you spotted in a high street sale – however, it is the perfect opportunity to do your research, make some pin boards on Pinterest and chat to your partner about the logistics: namely, when, where and what. 

  1. What about planning a destination wedding?

You’ve decided to take the plunge and are excitedly dreaming of and planning your Big Day. Luckily, long gone are the days when the location of the marriage ceremony was restricted to the quaint local church or registry office. The allure of the big, fancy and expensive wedding has been also been replaced by the appeal of a more intimate affair with beautiful exotic scenery. When it comes to saying “I do” today, the world is quite literally your oyster. A destination wedding has become a popular choice for couples looking to start married life in a memorable, personalised and more meaningful way.

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Keep smiling!



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