Wedding Trends 2023

January 6, 2023

2023 Wedding Trends

And with that, 2022 comes to an end and wedding trends for 2023 appear. Couples all around the world were eager to party and celebrate with their loved ones after years of postponing nuptials, and they did so in style. Several wedding trends have emerged, and we don’t see them disappearing in 2019. In fact, we anticipate that they will be more popular than ever. We’ve gathered some of our favourite wedding styles for 2023, including anything from embroidered wedding clothing to mismatched printed bridesmaid dresses.

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Nothing is more classy than a set of bridal gloves. But more and more brides are embroidering them. Adding this finishing touch to your accessories is a simple way to personalise your style and participate in one of 2023’s greatest trends, whether you choose to incorporate your new last name, your and your significant other’s initials, or your wedding date.

Wedding Veils | 2023 Wedding Trends

Statement Veils In terms of wedding extras, veils rose to the top of the list this past year, and the classic style is now being updated to feel a touch more contemporary. Wearing a statement veil is guaranteed to help you stand out on your wedding day—and make for some pretty spectacular images, too. Statement veils can range from emotional needlework (like the gloves) to vivid blossoms suitable for a garden wedding.

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Although there is nothing wrong with utilising a conventional guest book, why not ask your guests to sign a decorative object instead? Suppose a guitar? or a track? Or perhaps you’d prefer to have audio recordings of your visitors made by organisations like After The Tone. Whatever you decide, non-traditional guest books are a style that will stick around.

Moissanite Wedding Bands

Although this one isn’t specifically about weddings, it does have something to do with the wedding industry. The time of forking over tens of thousands of pounds is over. By selecting ethically sourced moissanite engagement rings, more and more couples are able to save money and protect the environment. The best thing is how closely diamonds and moissanite are related. Most likely, nobody will even be able to distinguish between the two.

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At weddings, flowers are now unquestionably the main attraction (and we can see why). More couples are investing more money to their flower budget to produce extravagant arrangements because the small but mighty decor component can instantly change a setting. We predict that weddings in 2023 will be completely covered in flowers, from the ceremony’s backdrop to the reception’s centrepieces.

Strong colour schemes | Wedding Trends 2023

There’s no need to be afraid of colour on your special day. More recently weds have been embracing colour, particularly pastels, and we anticipate that this trend will continue into the coming year. But this time, it’ll be bolder, louder, and brighter.

Wedding Trends 2023, wedding photographer elmore court

Although mismatched bridesmaid attire has been popular for a while, the dress code is becoming even more relaxed in bridal parties. Consider contrasting patterns and colours like florals, polka dots, etc. Giving everyone a colour family to incorporate in their dresses is essential to maintaining the look’s coherence.

Parties at mixed-gender weddings

The fact that your best friend is transgender should not prevent you from including them in your wedding party. Don’t worry about having the typical bridesmaids and groomsmen; just include anybody you like in your wedding party. After all, it’s your special day, and you deserve to have your loved ones there with you.

It’s time to go further into the world of wedding planning now that you’re prepared to include some of these 2023 wedding trends in your big day. 

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