Remember when 2020 seemed lightyears away? Suddenly we find ourselves on the cusp of a new era. For brides-to-be, this means finding out what new wedding trends for 2020 has in store in the months ahead.

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From bridal fashions to food trends and jewelry must-haves to going green, there’s a number of bubbling and emerging trends on the way. So, fix yourself a cocktail, kick back on the sofa with your wedding planner and let the fun begin…

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Green Romance

2020 is the year that weddings go green, in more ways than one….

Over the past few years, we’ve already seen a move towards eco weddings, with high profile figures such as Princess Eugenie’s going plastic-free.

Eco-conscious couples will embrace this wedding trend 2020 promises to be known for. This includes ditching paper invites in favour of digital versions, sharing flowers with other couples to cut back on waste, and choosing menus with local produce, preferably organic. Charitable donations can make a great wedding favour for those looking for something more meaningful too.

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Sourcing sustainable items like beeswax candles and upcycling everyday items like jam jars and pots will be bigger than ever, as couples strive to curb their environmental footprint. Wedding ideas 2020 will centre around those with a creative streak, so now’s the time to get handy.

But there’s another green to consider…


With sustainability so high on the agenda, it can be no surprise that ‘neo mint’ is the 2020 wedding trend colour to strive for. According to forecasters, the shade is noted for its “oxygenating, fresh tones” that both align with technology and nature.

What does this mean for couples?

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The light green tone is a great addition to underscore your big day. Use it as part of your wedding palette and incorporate it into your celebrations throughout. From a pop of colour in wedding invitations to wall murals and inspiration for bridesmaid dresses and wedding tableware. If it’s green in 2020, it needs to be seen!

The Brexit Budget

While we’re not quite sure how Brexit will pan out, one thing we do know is that couples are ever conscious of budgets. Already a noticeable autumn wedding trend is cutting back on guests and spend. This will carry on into the New Year. Expect to see lots of handmade touches, or slightly tamed down celebrations as a result.

This may also result in more city based weddings. This is owing to couples choosing to host private dinners in restaurants and bars, over exclusively hiring out a secluded venue – often in the country.

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This will also impact on honeymoons too. Europe may prove too expensive against the pound, or potential new travel requirements may be a deterrent. Expect to see rise in destinations such as Turkey, Morocco or even staying within the UK.

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Individuality over Identikit

Say goodbye to the bronze, silver and gold packages. The future is all about individual celebrations bespoke to each couple.

This means customising celebrations to fit the newlywed’s ethos. Write your own vows, wear trainers instead of shoes, invite 20 meaningful friends not 100 random people – it’s all about making your wedding day work for you in 2020.

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Just be sure to brief your wedding photographer in advance, to document all these touches for your wedding album.

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It’s a Ring Thing

When it comes to engagement rings, 2020 wedding trend colours demand a brave statement. Gemstones are back in a big way, with hues of blue, pink and purple very much in vogue – and of course green too.

This is also the year to be brave with unconventional metals, bold dazzling diamonds and a gentle peppering of accent stones.

According to trendsetters Harpers Bazaar, the new year is all about “emerald cut diamonds with multi-stone settings.”

Check out James Middleton and Alizee Thevenet engagement rings, just beautiful! It was inspired by his sister Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. 

Kate’s ring features a white gold band and 14 solitaire diamonds surrounding a 12-carat oval Ceylon sapphire. Her brother James chose a similarly shaped ring for Alizee, with a large dark stone at the center, surrounded by smaller stones on a white gold or platinum band.

Say ‘Yes’ to the Dress

Whether it’s the Meghan Markle effect or otherwise, 2020 wedding dress trends are all about fairy-tale themes, according to designer Phillipa Lepley. This demand for bigger dresses with floating veils will be noticeable in the coming months. That means one thing: the return of the ball gown.

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Simplicity and elegance will be the key qualities that brides will look for, a la Ellie Goulding and Vogue Williams. For a more structured feel, corset wedding dresses are making their way into wedding celebrations in the year ahead.

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In keeping with the current fashion trend, long Victorian-esque dresses with long sleeves are finding their way into bridal fashion too. This extends to graceful chic bridesmaid outfits. On that note, it’s all about mix and matching when it comes to your female harem. Mix it up, throw caution to the wind, do something different. Conformity is no longer considered cool.

According to Brides Magazine an empowering new fashion trend is for bridal blazers. These fierce suit-style outfits are fitting with the new era of bold brides.

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For those unrestricted by budget, an emerging 2020 wedding dress trend is to have an evening dress to change into. Favoured by Meghan as well as Sabrina Elba, the opulence of having a second dress feeds into the glamour that this year has been all about, and continues to celebrate.

The Power of Flower

There are two main themes when it comes to 2020 wedding flower trends: sustainability and personalisation.

As briefly touched on, eco-wedding-warriors will be looking at ways to create a more sustainable experience. One way of overcoming the throwaway nature of wedding flowers is to hire ‘faux’ flowers instead. With new technology improving the way this is done, it can look impressively convincing. In response to the demand, many florists are offering this option now, so keep it in mind.

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Personalisation is the other floral trend. In 2020, it will be all about informal bespoke bunches that reflect the couple and their big day. No chintzy bouquets – just lots of locally sourced seasonal flowers free using natural fragrance and foliage.

When in doubt, speak to your nearest independent florist for guidance, opting for seasonal locally sourced flowers.

 The Breakfast Banquet

Wedding food trends 2020 make for mouth-watering reading. Think all the indulgence of your favourite food… but interpreted in a healthier way. Expect to see more gluten-free or dairy-free options at receptions, to reflect changing modern tastes.

Meat-free mains are no longer just a hipster wedding trend, in fact it’s very much a mainstream theme that more and more couples acknowledge. This includes wider vegan and vegetarian menus than seen in previous years.

A reoccurring theme for 2020 appears to be customisation – this trend is also seen in food with personalised canapes and deserts. We can thank the Great British Bake Off for our growing fondness for both! This also extends into bespoke touches, such as popcorn stalls and pick n mix stands – the wackier the better. The key here is to make your big day memorable, your way.

Another health trend that’s here to stay is non-alcoholic drinks. This may take its form in free-from cocktails, or a greater variety of herbal teas.

While for those partial to a tipple, gin bars are all the rage. Allowing guests to experiment and enjoy tastings is a fun addition to any wedding day. It’s also 2020’s version of ‘wine tasting’, if you want to keep your wedding bang on trend, get with gin!

Cake Expectations

Hipster wedding trends don’t get more palatable than monogram cupcakes or wedding cakes with hand-painted illustrations. The good news is they’re here to stay.


Don’t hold back – go big with fondant icing, strong metallic colours and decorative flowers to make them pop. Your wedding photographer will thank you for it if nothing else.


Believe it or not, going smaller is getting bigger! Over the past few years there has been a real shift from ‘big fat’ weddings to smaller intimate occasions.

Better known as microweddings, the celebration is reserved for less than 50 guests. This allows couples to invest their budget in bespoke experiences and luxurious touches with their nearest and dearest. With less guests, it also means that wedding photographers can focus on capturing all the special moments of the day too.

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Already growing in popularity, expect to see smaller gatherings in the year ahead.

Make Up and Accessories

For all the throwback feels, a fun wedding idea 2020 has in store is for mega statement hairbands. Think Alice in Wonderland, but more chic. Great for boho brides and those looking for a little something special they can really add a sense of occasion to an outfit.

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Loved by wedding photographers for the visual statement they make, bridal flower crowns have been a trend we’ve seen a lot of this year. It seems this is one trend we’re not quite ready to give up, and can expect plenty more of in the coming year.

Luminous dewy skin never goes out of fashion, in 2020 this will be characterised by delicate bronzers and skin glows for the perfect facial finish. Possibly inspired by the film Cats, a big trend emerging is for feline flicks around the eyes, look out for it.

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It’s all in Timings

There’s a few key dates to write down in your ‘wedding ideas 2020’ diary.

The first of these is 20.02.20. A significant day according to astrologists due to its ‘empowering properties and emotional stability’. Although February weddings tend to be out of season, this might be a great opportunity to make the most of the stars aligning, so to speak.

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Another notable time is the coming summer. From 24 July 2020, the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games take place, creating an opportunity to bring an Olympic theme to your big day. From Japanese favours to herbal tea selections and table named after great Olympians, there’s many ways you can bring this popular cultural talking point to your wedding day.

So, there you have it – all the latest 2020 wedding trends to keep on your radar, for a memorable, personable and on-trend ceremony. If you would like to discuss me photographing your wedding story, please get in touch! 

Gary is a leading Cotswolds wedding photographer.